Benefits Of An Ironwood Decking

Wonderful Ironwood Decking

and that strength gives some very practical benefits. Unlike redwood, the Iron Decking planks not crack or split over time. Unlike cedar or pine, will Ironwood does not splinter. Unlike some vinyl composites, the Iron does not become slippery when wet because the surface will not be smooth from foot traffic. Ironwood is so difficult, in fact, that the installers are encouraged to use HM saw blades and carbide drill bits in the construction of tires.

A new ironwood decking shows a deep brown color with a tight grain structure. You can maintain the color by using a semi-transparent stain every year or two, which will help to prolong the life of tires for 50 to 100 years. You do not need to use a sealant because water can hardly penetrate Ironwood tight pore structure. If you choose to forgo spots, will Iron take on an attractive gray cast, but it can last only 40 to 50 years.

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There is still a much longer life expectancy than most wood or vinyl decking materials. Ironwood decking is naturally resistant to termites and boring insects such as carpenter bees, and it resists mildew well. As concrete and steel carrier Iron for Class a Fire Resistant rating. Unlike vinyl decking, meaning Iron does not become uncomfortably warm underfoot on hot summer days.

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