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Aluminum pool deck – Many pool owners worry about their deck become dirty, but rarely worry about how the wet deck will have, and how the constant exposure to chlorinated pool water can cause damage to the deck, regardless of the material used to construct the tire. An aluminum pool deck drain addresses this problem by draining the water either back in the pool or to another area on the property. Considerations for choosing the best pool deck drains, installation, and material if the material works with your decks material, the chances of clogging and the cleaning agents can be used.

The installation is the first concern when getting an aluminum pool deck drainage system. A pool deck drains that need extensive digging and excavation can tear up a farm or property, will take more money and time to install and, ultimately, can make the property look ugly or unkempt. Deck drains that have subtle installations with minimal digging can be better because they will be easy to install, and will not significantly alter the property.

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Drain pool deck material is normally made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), other plastics or metal. PVC and plastic drains are water resistant and will not corrode. Metal drain can rust if not taken care of, but are more robust and more resistant to damage than PVC drain. The price of the two is the same, so the biggest differences are water and corrosion resistance and durability from being stepped on or hit. Most aluminum pool deck is made from wood, aluminum or concrete.