Cedar Decking Boards

Premium Cedar Decking Boards

Cedar decking boards – Often used pressure treated lumber when it comes to decking, but there are several other interesting options on the market. Price, sustainability and environmental impact differs greatly between the different types of wood. Therefore, when choosing wood for your patio or wooden deck, many advocates of pressure-treated decking because of its durability and its relatively low price.

Many feel cedar decking boards, however, skeptical about the pressure impregnation because of the environmental effects. Pressure impregnation has a certain impact, but one has tested it and it has gotten better. Until 2006 had arsenic in pressure impregnation, but now it is forbidden, says researcher Masco Terrie at the Department of wood science at SLU.

Pressure-treated wood is available in different wood preservation classes. Wood preservation classes M is primarily intended for structures in seawater. Wood preservation class A is designed for wood in permanent contact with the soil and water. Wood preservation class AB is designed for wood above ground exposed to the weather. Something you can do to get as good results as possible is to be careful what cedar decking boards you choose in the building trade and check that they are not defective. Siberian larch is another wood that is up to date when it comes to patio and decking.

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