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DIY Bookshelf Style

DIY bookshelf – Houses often have different format or narrow spaces where a custom bookshelf would fit. However, you are likely to find an off-the-shelf bookcase that fits exactly into the trouble-spot. Custom bookcases made by a cabinetmaker can be priceless.

Fortunately, bookcases are relatively easy to build. With a few simple tools and a weekend job, you can point out the narrow shelf between the wall and the fireplace and proudly say “I built it.”

DIY bookshelf, Measure the height, width and depth of the space. Cut a board in seven 8 1/2-by-8-inch-wide planks. Mark two vertical lines on one side of the 6-foot boards, two inches from the outside edges and expansion of the entire length of the boards. Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the drill bit as a flag indicating a measure 1/4 inch. Drill a hole at each intersection of the lines of pencil, 1/4-inch deep.

DIY bookshelf , Draw a bead of glue along the edges of the side of the bottom shelf. Draw a line of text wood glue on the sides of a shelf. Clutch the shelf unit in the room to make sure it fits properly. Connect the hardboard on the back of the bookcase with the finish nails.

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Hammer until almost all the way in, and then use the nail set so that the nail heads are flush with the wood fiber board. Push the bookcase back into space. Attach the baseboard trim to the bottom of the shelf using glue and finishing nails. Place the shelf pins into the holes. Place the boards on the top of the pins.

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