DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

DIY Mirror Frame Bathroom

DIY mirror frame – Filling in the details of a room’s interior can be lots of fun for DIY-loving people. This is where artistic skills, rummage sales and flea excursions are to good use. Mirrors can add a touch of sparkle to a room and let the light bounced around the room. Create a special frame can make the mirror a focal point and conversation piece. Even the most traditional of the rooms could use a DIY mirror frame.

Use existing frames

Using the existing picture and mirror frames are a simple way to create a do-it-yourself mirror frame. Make them over with a new coat of paint. Spray-paint products include those that are made specifically for use in plastics and wood. Continue frame makeover by applying metal studs or other found objects to the frame. Finishing details at upholstery- or fabric-supply stores or similar stores.

Best Post  Hang a Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Each antique and vintage shops or salvage company for old windows and doors. The best bet to find a true vintage gem is through an architectural salvage business. Doors with interesting details, which carved corners and borders on the center panels can be cut to create a more manageable frame. Use the wall as your DIY mirror frame. Size of the mirror to be used and determine the type of frame width works best (get inspiration from existing frames, art or architectural details).