Hang A Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Tips Framed Bathroom Mirrors

There are several different methods to hang a framed bathroom mirrors on a wall. The best method is dependent on the mirror type, size and weight, as well as the type of wall surface, and if you can anchor the studs or not. For safety (and to avoid seven years of bad luck, in the event of a crack), it is important to keep a mirror securely, using hardware that is more than strong enough job.

The two main types of mirrors framed and frameless. Framed bathroom mirrors hung much as framed pictures-with wires or hanging rings attached to the frame and screws or hanger hooks attached to the wall. It is best to attach the wall hangers in a dorm, where possible; If not, use a suitable hollow wall anchor, such as a self-drilling drywall anchors or toggle bolt. Do not use plastic, expanding cone anchor that comes with a few hangers; they are not good enough. Frameless mirrors are typically installed with metal channels (for large plate glass mirrors) or plastic clips (for smaller, decorative mirrors).

Hang a Frameless Mirror with Clips

Position the framed bathroom mirrors on the wall at the desired location. Making the pencil marks along the upper and lower edges of the mirror. also make small marks on each long side, near the corners. Set aside the mirror. Mark the cut along the top and bottom of the mirror. Run a small surface spike on each clip marking. If there is no stud, install a hollow wall anchors centered on the mark, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Install the clips to the bottom of the mirror, using the supplied screws. Set the mirror in the clips, then install the clips at the top of the mirror.

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