Hanging Black Framed Mirror

Big Black Framed Mirror

Black framed mirror – Hanging something on your walls, whether it’s a picture frame, painting or 3-D artwork, requires planning and precision in order to take full advantage of what the play has to offer. Hanging a black framed mirror is no different. The height of the building’s residents, the size of the wall and whether the mirror is to be considered functional or decorative.


Determine the purpose of the black framed mirror. Will it be for daily use or as an accent in a room? If it is to look into, so should be hung at the right height. On a wall of the standard height, measures 65 inches up from the floor of the mirror is to be seen as works of art. If the wall is extra-long, you might want to hang it higher. If the mirror is for daily use, should be suspended depending on the person using it most.

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Mark your measurement on the wall with a pencil. This is where the hanging hardware will be hammered out. Also there is the hook on the back of the mirror. Have someone hold it there too so you can go back and check to see how it will look.

Hammer in the hook on the wall. If you do not have hanging hardware, nails are fine, depending on the weight of the mirror. Attach fishing wire with eye hooks on the back of the frame and hang it on the nails. Use a level to ensure the mirror is even. Adjust the mirror as needed.