How To Build Deck Awning

Beautiful Deck Awning

Best deck awning can enhance your outdoor living. They are very effective at blocking the sun and provide a cool place to sit, relax and entertain. There is a good sized sample of the deck awning can be purchased at most home decor or home hardware stores. But if you’re somewhat handy, you can build a deck awning yourself and save some. It described below is make-shift and not as sweet as a designer one. It is also not meant to last for years, but it will serve its purpose for a season, if you are on a budget.

Take glands (small metal circles) from all edges of the tarp. Fold over three edges about 1/2 inch. Attaching it down. Use your sewing machine to sew three channels. These will be used for steel rods. Sew the thick rope to each of the two corners that will be away from the house. If you are good at sewing, you can do it too.

Tie each end of the rope with a slipknot. Attach the wood to your home over the deck awning at the height you want the awning to be. Place 2 large hooks (bike hooks sometimes works) at each end of the wood. Make sure that the wood is painted.

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