How To Refinish Old Gold Framed Wall Mirror

Contemporary Gold Framed Wall Mirror

How To Refinish Old Gold Framed Wall Mirror – Gold mirror frame covered with real gold leaf popular in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Gold-painted frame mimic their appearance and come in all shapes, patterns and sizes. If you like to buy old framed mirror on the sales page or happen to have one hidden, you can refinish it to restore its original beauty.

Remove the old gold framed wall mirror. Or, cover the mirror with painter’s plastic or Kraft paper fastened with masking tape. Sand the entire frame with 150-grit sandpaper to remove the paint. Wipe the frame from dust with a soft cloth. Spray two or three coats of gold paint on the frame. If you want, you can switch shades of gold for a varied look. Let the paint dry between coats.

Refinish old gold framed wall mirror, apply a dark wood stain with a brush of gold if you want an old-fashioned look. Brush a coat of stain on the frame, cover it completely. For a distressed look, immediately wipe off the stain with a cloth, gently. Brush in a more coat of paint, and then wipe it to complete the look. Let the stain dry completely. Replace the mirror in the frame, or disclose it by carefully removing the masking tape and foil or Kraft paper.

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