How To Renovate A Oversized Wall Mirrors In The Two Mirrors

Wonderful Large Oversized Wall Mirrors

How To Renovate A Oversized Wall Mirrors In The Two Mirrors – If you buy a large mirror at a big discount, or have a large mirror that you do not use, consider converting it into two smaller mirrors. Use the right technology to cut down its center mirror without breaking it so you can transform it into two equal parts. Once you have cut the mirror in two, choosing a suitable casting to glue around the mirrors’ edges will be very sharp.

Clean your oversized wall mirrors with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Measure the longest side of the mirror and find the midpoint and mark it. Complete this step in this way only if you want to cut the mirror in two small, equal pieces; otherwise, measure and mark the mirror as you see fit. Draw a straight line from this point, perpendicular to the edge, bisecting mirror. Place the mirror face up on a dry, clean and level surface that is free of all debris; solid, matte surfaces work best.

Soak a cloth with kerosene and oil your glass cutter blade. Rub along the area you plan to cut, too. Add your yardstick to the line you drew. Attach it to the oversized wall mirrors with double-sided tape to ensure that it remains stationary. Roll cutter back and forth along the yardstick, on the line you drew, apply even pressure to score the mirror glass. Roll in a continuous movement from edge to edge for best results. Place your long, solid cylinder in the mirror, directly below the point, and press lightly on each side of the score. Remove the pressure on the mirror does not immediately break along the slot, and remove the cylinder. Re-points along the same line, and then try again until you succeed. Apply mirror sealing the edges you just cut to prevent future oxidation.

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