How To Resurface Pool Deck

The Resurface Pool Deck

Resurface pool deck – Concrete pool deck exposed to all weather elements, natural garbage, and constantly covered with water. It should come as no surprise that your pool deck may need to be resurrected at some point in time for all these reasons. Although it takes a little time and energy, you can resurface your pool deck yourself without having to call a professional.

How to resurface pool deck, clean the concrete deck surface with a mild detergent and hose it. Fill any cracks with epoxy and let the epoxy dry completely for 24 hours. Roughen existing concrete surface. Power grinder over the surface to roughen the top layer of concrete, to give a better bond between the concrete, fresh glue and new concrete overlay. This also removes any lingering dirt and other unwanted elements.

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After that to resurface pool deck, use adhesive with a paint roller. Using long extension handle so you do not need to bend or stay at knee during application. Apply the adhesive in sections, placing the overlay on top before moving to another section so the glue does not dry too quickly. Place concrete overlay on top of the concrete and press down firmly. It does in sections after adhesive application.