Ideal Placed Deck Pier Blocks

Deck Pier Blocks At Home

Deck pier blocks of dock form a floating base for roofs. A floating base rests on floor instead of extending below level. Pillars are easy to install and provide adequate stability for wooden pallets.

Mark locations for deck pier blocks by placing wooden pegs at corners of deck. Connect stakes with a carpenter’s rope to form perimeter of deck. Mark location of docks, every 48 inches, along ropes with markers of pickets or spray paint on ground. Excavate lawn from each dock location. Plant material in lawn will fade into dock, which may cause cover to set. Fill excavation with gravel and tighten with a hand pump.

Place deck pier blocks over gravel pads. Place a straight table between docks and check level with a 4 ft. Carpenter. Level more or less springs to within an inch or two of level by removing or adding gravel when needed below springs. Place a 1-foot segment of 4 by 4-inch post treatment into cleft at top of each dock. Concrete is formed to accept this type of wood. These charges will serve as deck supports for concrete dock foundation. Attach cover frame to stand in proper position to produce a level cover.

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