Ideas Small Dresser With Mirror

Small Dresser With Mirror Style

Small dresser with mirror – When decorating a bedroom, not little forget to decorate the top of a dresser. The interior of the bedroom should be extended to the state agency, which is often messy and used as a place to put clothes, keys or wallets.  The mirrors are decorative elements that are rooted in antiquity. Symbols of beauty and magic by their reflection have conquered the soul of humble and vain alike.

They were created as exempt elements, conditioned by their craftsmanship and over time were varying their size and shape thanks to industrial development, extending their applications and revolutionizing the world of interior design  today.   Real or artificial plants and flowers add a stylish look to the small dresser with mirror top. Depending on the style of the room, you can use artificial branches in a long ceramic vase, a potted plant or fresh flowers in a tall glass vase.

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If you use a tall vase, place either on the left or right side of the agency. A small potted plant or vase of flowers can be placed in the center. Adapting agency top, place a favorite family photos in an elegant picture frame. While many people overcrowd small dresser with mirror top with images, keep the number to a minimum. If the agency does not have an attached mirror, rest a large mirror or painting on the dresser top.