Ipe Decking Vs Bamboo Decking

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Bamboo decking – There are many different choices for wood quality when installing deck. A wooden deck superior must maintain high environmental standards and has a natural characteristic that will set it above all other hardwoods.

Ipe wood is the best quality of wood available. Its nature makes materials bamboo decking the heaviest and longest lasting. Ipe deck famous for its characteristics and extraordinary properties, this was exotic wood is very dense and tight grained, which provides the power. The natural oils in the wood give the highest rating for resistance to insects, particularly termites. It is also naturally resistant to rot and decay, such as mold and mildew. It holds up under extreme traffic and heavy use, and resisting scratches and slices. Ipe has a Class A fire rating, which is the same size concrete and steel.

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Bamboo decking has a natural rich brown color with a few pieces of red and yellow color displays. No one made any integrity or lasts for Ipe decking. It has been known to survive up to 100 years without preservatives. Not only will Ipe deck you can easily stand up to the harsh climate, he will do so with minimal maintenance. Due to these factors, people around the world consistently used in many projects Ipe decking. These qualities make it ideal for decking Ipe choice.