Make A Room With L Shaped Bookcase

Unique L Shaped Bookcase

L shaped bookcase – In an open floor plan, room areas defined function space and furniture placement. But the need can be extended to some privacy to areas adjacent to the bathroom. In order to make a room without the construction of continuous walls, using a series of shelves to define the space. For rooms that need light and airy remains, consider using open-back bookshelves that allow light to flow through the shelves. For ultimate privacy, use l shaped bookcase with solid backs.

Measure the area of ​​the desired space. Measure the length and width with a tape measure and record it on a piece of paper. Select the l shaped bookcase Look for a style that coordinates with the design features, colors and accents of the room. Also choose the correct height.

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Bookcases only intended to define the space, accommodating privacy, need not be greater than 3 or 4 feet. Measure the width of a bookcase. Divide the width of the room by the width of the bookcase to get an idea of ​​how many units fit together to get the room.

Use a level to make sure the shelves are level against the floor. If they are not, place a wooden wedge under no bookcase side to be raised slightly. Screw the bookcases along the walls of the units with 1-inch screws and a drill. The side walls of the shelves are flush, from left to right. Screw a screw through a side wall and into the adjacent side wall of the bookcase. Screw flat, l shaped bookcase brackets through the top of the two corner cabinets with the bracket screws and drill.

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