Making A Steel Bookcase With Very Simple

Modern Red Steel Bookcase

Want to make a Steel Bookcase ? This article yourself you will learn how to make a steel bookcase with your own hands and in a very simple way. Materials needed to make a shelf of plasterboard. Sheetrock is a building material known for its strength, its ease of application, ability insulating and adaptability. Then we detail the materials needed to make a steel bookcase:

Once you have thought what the design of your shelf, and can begin to develop one. Follow the steps that you indicated below: Mark on the wall structure of the parts of the steel bookcase and draw a sketch with straight lines to indicate each of the sides of the cabinet. Cut the metal profiles to the measures you have decided and attach them to the wall using the screws to form the ‘skeleton’ of the structure.

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Cut the plasterboard panels to the measures you have planned to adapt to the metal guides and any problem does not occur when assembling.Une plasterboard tables and bases. For assembly, you can use a few screws that pierce from the top of the shelf to shelf profile.

As a final touch, cover joints and holes with putty and, once dry, give it a coat of paint and be perfect. Did you see how simple it is to make a steel bookcase? Now you can put those books home and did not know where to put the furniture back organize your home. You can also learn to make a wardrobe with plasterboard. You will be an expert of DIY drywall!