Pallet Pool Deck Design

Modern Pallet Pool Deck

Pallet pool deck – Who has not dreamed of ever having a beautiful pallet pool deck. However, the costs of these wooden platforms often distract us from this claim. However, bringing it to reality is not as difficult as it seems. In this note you can learn how to build them step by step in an easy and economical way, reusing the pallets that you can find in the street or that have been thrown as waste material in the constructions.

You will see that building pallet pool deck is easier than you think and if you dare to do so you can create a practical space to enjoy a moment of rest outdoors with the extra satisfaction of having done it yourself. Choose the place where you want to build the deck and look it up. If possible, choose a space where the terrain is level. Remember that the deck will not be attached to the floor, but supported on it.

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Accommodate the pallets the way you want to arm your platform. If you prefer that your pallet pool deck suits some building and the size of your pallets does not fit perfectly, take the measurement and cut them.  Once you have assembled the structure of the platform, use wood planks to cover the empty spaces of the pallets and create a uniform surface. Do the same also on the front and sides, holding the plates with screws. Make sure that the wood is resistant, so you can put weight on it.