Popularity Of Luxury Shabby Chic Bookcase

Shabby Chic Bookcase Decor

Style of decoration shabby chic bookcase is one of most popular in world. He was born around year 80 in garden of Britain, and originated with merger of recycling fabrics with antique prints, restoration of damaged furniture or chipped, and traditional decorative objects from period, such as pots porcelain, candles, candlesticks, picture frames of wood or centers wildflowers.

At that time, this trend was radically opposed to that by that time it was fashionable, since it had nothing to do with decor that had imposed high social class, as was far from expensive furniture and high quality which they decorated their homes.

Today, style of shabby chic bookcase is a luxury available to everyone. Basically, try to catch a worn and damaged by passage of years and turn into something subtly elegant, select and charming always having respect for old look, and prevail against all white element.

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Another fundamental factor shabby chic bookcase style are home textiles such as curtains, bed sets, tablecloths, sofa covers etc. They all have something in common, flowered prints in soft colors, which gives a feminine touch to home. Fusion of styles of decoration Shabby (worn) and Chic (distinguished), form perfect team for those seeking a private, romantic and elegant decor. Then we will divide this type of decoration in different rooms of home, to give you an idea of what we mean. If you like, you sure that these images will inspire when decorating your home. Let’s look!