Queen Bookcase Headboard Ideas

Top Queen Bookcase Headboard

Queen bookcase headboard – You have given many options for your headboard, one for each bedroom. Since vinyl or painted for small spaces to large closets to create in the back dressing, but something else, for example what we bring today a work shelf . This type of headboard is perfect for those small bedrooms, where a thick structure and headboard is impossible to integrate and that additional storage space is needed.

The queen bookcase headboard idea is simple, forget the traditional headboard on the wall and create a shelf of work as seen in the image, so you win some storage space and at the same time can play with the visual weight we want to give this shelf.

Queen bookcase headboard, if you want to highlight more just have to paint the interior in a darker color as the wall, giving background and depth, or line it with wood as you can see in the picture, and if on the other hand you want to reduce your weight to make the room more ideally clear paint inside and bottom of the same color as the wall, as you can see in the first image in white. Besides the fact that it is impossible to force does not vary the forms, as you can see you can use the technique both as twin bedrooms with double beds, and even instead of a shelf to put several.

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