Tall Narrow Bookcase

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Tall narrow bookcaseso it is uncomfortable to be around. The placement of furniture along the short walls decrease the floor space, so everything seems crowded. Plan your care for the most comfortable and functional design for your narrow room design. Place the largest piece of furniture in the center of the longest wall parallel to the wall. You may want to place your table or sofa in the middle of the room, or put right against the wall to save space.

Organize other long narrow items from tall narrow bookcase around the largest to face in a direction parallel element. For example, if you are setting a sofa and a couple of shelves in the room, you can put the sofa along a long wall in the middle and shelves on the wall facing both sides of the sofa. Arrange the smallest to balance each other symmetrically items.

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For example, if you have a table that dominates the center of the room, you can put a chair in each narrow end of the coffee table, angled toward her. Tall narrow bookcase Install wall shelves or add height, low-profile foot racks to save space on the floor. You can also use tables with hidden storage cabinets for books, games or any other supplies you want in your living room.