Titanic Deck Chair Price

Adirondack Titanic Deck Chair

Titanic deck chair – At auction house Henry Aldridge & Son last week auctioned an original deck chair from the Titanic. The chair gave a whopping 100,000 pounds, the equivalent of some 140,000 Euros. During the fatal voyage of the Titanic was the chair on the deck of the first class. Shortly after the disaster, he was a member of the crew of the Mackay-Bennett. A ship that was sent to salvage victims’ bodies fished out of the water. He has long been owned by a French captain who was involved in the storeroom.

The titanic deck chair was on the drive deck when the big ship sank in 1912 and is one of the half dozen retrieved by cable repair ship Mackay-Bennett, who was sent to retrieve the bodies. According to Aldridge’s records, the chair was handed over to the then Mackay captain Julian Lemarteleur by a member of his crew.

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And for the past 15 years titanic deck chair has been owned by a Titanic collector in England, who kept it at his house next to a huge window overlooking the sea. The anonymous winning bidder cannot really sit on the chair since it is too fragile. However, given the tragic origin of the furniture, why even take the risk?