Vanity Wall Mirror: Perfect For Modern

Ideas Vanity Wall Mirror

Vanity wall mirror – Mirrors, a symbol of vanity, can be useful far beyond the simple reflection of our image. Since its discovery, many civilizations: Egyptians, Greeks, Etruscans, Romans … have marveled at these reflective surfaces and have given them magical powers. And it is not surprising, since in addition to giving back an inverse reflection of reality, they also serve to make the small spaces bigger, fill them with light creating beautiful reflex games and even create fantastic image effects.

With all these visual properties, vanity wall mirror cannot but become great allies in the decoration of our homes. We can find mirrors of all sizes, shapes and styles. In addition, they can be placed in any corner of the home with different purposes, as a simple complement of wall or to bathe of light a stay with the reflections of light that jump on them. In this book of ideas, we show you a collection of wall mirrors worthy of admiration, which show the magical power of these objects.

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These vintage-style mirrors marvel at their exquisite simplicity. With a perfect spherical shape and simply hung with a leather strap, vanity wall mirror are perfect for both vintage and rustic environments. A beautiful example of how simplicity and natural materials are always a good choice.