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Wood deck stain – Looking out the back window you decide that it was once again time to get your deck ready for the upcoming season. Grill still has a winter cover and patio furniture stacked into a corner. You can imagine how the deck will look when it’s finished but small hole in your stomach reminds you how complicated deck cleaning and staining can. If you are using the correct type of product, the task can be performed much simpler.

The key to making final finish is all in preparation for the work you do before you apply that the first drop of the wood deck stain. The exterior wood is subject to damage from the elements. Cycle constant humidity and sun drying will cause warped deck boards, checking, cups and splinter. This is important not only to try and close the humidity but also to use oil-based staining product to keep the AC timber. Think of a drop of water is placed into your skin.

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Once the water evaporates, the moisturizing effect is canceled. This simple analogy is similar to putting water based (or water borne) staining and sealing products wood deck stain you. Using the same analogy, now think about placing a drop of baby oil to your skin. The oil acts as an emollient to keep your skin more supple. This is why we recommend the use of oil-based products for wood decks.

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