Wrought Iron Shelf And Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Best Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Reclaimed wood bookcase – We are thrilled to present this project because absolutely all the material used in this shelf wrought iron and wood is recovered. To stop the oxidation of iron, no specific product that once applied reacts chemically with the metal.

Become the material of a color between black and chocolate brown unevenly, as the base is a great advantage if we highlight the imperfections of metal instead of a uniform vulgar and current material. Convertidordeoxidoedit2. Select several pallets of wood to prevent warping and cracking, level four we had to cut, plaster, glue two to two and brush. Circular use for cutting and manual brush saw; just we use sandpaper because we close the pore and we do not care for this work.

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Reclaimed wood bookcase with wood glued in pairs we can manipulate better and fit them once we have finished adjusting each corner. Let’s make a smoke gray tint. This one has embroidered my partner Vanessa! All students of the No. 1 online notebook that you follow know very well how to do and the end result.

You can make any color you can think you’ve seen or a piece of furniture with very few ingredients and a minimum cost. If you want to learn how, see our online workshops. After we polish dry a bit and give a home patina made in the workshop to refine the final tone. We tried to get that tone of wood washed Eva asked us and we love combined with iron and treated.

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We can only secure the reclaimed wood bookcase to the iron structure. Choose screws which are a few millimeters less than the sum of the thickness of the structure (2 cm) and the thickness of the table (other 2cm) and drilled every 15 – 20cm metal section with drill and goggles. We leave a total of 17 holes per level, 51 screws. We could put less, but this way we ensure that will never warp the wood.

It’s almost ready. Wax protect all metal structure and assemble each level with electric screwdriver is the best invention of the workshop. It’s so nice to come many more, that we are safe, we may ask for another model with other measures and other finish.